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Bitcoin Policy UK aims to unlock Bitcoin's potential for the UK economy by uniting diverse stakeholders, such as policymakers, environmentalists, businesses, energy producers, and Bitcoin experts. The goal is to explore how Bitcoin can benefit UK households, businesses, and communities.

Acknowledging the unique opportunity presented by Bitcoin's creation and global adoption, the organisation strives to attract investments to the UK, generate jobs, and drive new industries, while tapping into wasted and stranded energy resources. The UK's first Bitcoin-only conference in Edinburgh, hosted by The Bitcoin Collective, inspired the creation of Bitcoin Policy UK.

Krista Edmunds, one of the co-founders, said “The UK has an immense opportunity to become one of the first jurisdictions globally to embrace Bitcoin. We have seen what is possible in El Salvador, which is experiencing huge gains due to its forward-thinking approach to Bitcoin. The UK can secure a similar competitive advantage and we hope to support the British people in making that happen.”

The organisation eagerly anticipates collaborating with like-minded parties and working on initial projects, including responding to the UK government's call for evidence on industry regulation and CBDC proposals.

Bitcoin Policy UK is also launching two projects on the rapidly growing, UK-founded Bitcoin fundraising platform, Geyser. Learn more and contribute to the projects at:

To become a member or support their initiatives, register at or email

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Unknown member
Apr 13, 2023

What about Ireland 🇮🇪?

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