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Next Gen

Bitcoin is the most exciting and world-changing technology we have seen so far this century. Some of the world's largest corporations, including asset managers, are offering bitcoin products, and in the last decade we have seen thousands of bitcoin companies establish themselves. 


As this industry grows, so does the number of available jobs. The UK needs to foster a talent pipeline that is bitcoin-native to support this incredible opportunity for UK industry. Areas such as bitcoin mining and renewable energy will require not just graduates with the relevant degree, but candidates with an understanding of Bitcoin and the underlying processes of bitcoin mining. The same goes for other areas such as asset managers with regards to bitcoin custody and security. 


None of the above are topics covered sufficiently in current curriculums, leaving students ill-equipped to apply for and perform in the new wave of bitcoin related graduate jobs. 


At Bitcoin Policy UK we believe in the importance of investing in the next generation. This is why we will be partnering with UK businesses to understand their requirements of graduates and link up with schools and universities to drive Bitcoin education and create a steady talent pipeline for the UK.

Bitcoiner Jobs

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