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Bank of England.

Bitcoin Policy

The reality of the post-Brexit regulatory landscape is that the UK now has an opportunity to develop its own regime, distinct both from MiCA and from the steps being taken by the SEC and the CFTC in the United States.


The United Kingdom could be well-placed to embrace Bitcoin both as a technology and as a money; to foster a healthy economy, attract talent and investment from the Bitcoin industry and create a country that is economically strong, financially inclusive and supports the ambitions of its citizens.


Having said this, the UK is at a crossroads where the decisions we make as they relate to policy will have lasting impacts on our society, economy and future prospects. We can choose to study, to understand, and to embrace this new technology, or elect to restrict and ignore it, and be left behind by those countries who do not.


Bitcoin Policy UK’s policy subcommittee aims to provide research and education on policy matters to our elected representatives and the general population, and work with all parties to support sensible regulation that serves our aims as a country going forward.

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