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Bitcoin Mining and Sustainability

Bitcoin mining can reduce greenhouse gas emissions, assisting the UK government's sustainability and net-zero ambitions. It can also drive positive economic outcomes across the economy by generating additional revenue for UK businesses, reducing energy costs for UK households, stabilising energy grids and utilising stranded energy.


Bitcoin mining is a solution that benefits everyone.

The UK government has ambitious goals to achieve net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. The primary component of this goal is reducing our dependence on fossil fuels and transitioning to a predominantly renewable grid mix. Renewable energy sources often rely on intermittent supply such as sunlight and wind, as such they require a flexible demand mechanism to stabilise the grid, and a solution that will support the economics of building out a financially viable renewable energy infrastructure in the UK. 


Bitcoin mining is a location agnostic and instantly interruptible energy consumer that can both support the profitability of sustainable energy projects benefitting our renewable buildout while stabilising our energy grid.


The Opportunity

The UK will have an abundance of renewable energy in time, and has the potential to become a leader in Bitcoin mining.

The benefits of Bitcoin mining in the UK would accelerate the development of the renewables industry and lead to the creation of new job opportunities in an entirely new industry and ultimately bring in additional revenue to the economy.


Bitcoin Policy UK aims to make this a reality by advocating for sensible regulation, working with energy producers, and educating regulators and the public. 

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