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Vote for Bitcoin

Three of the five leading US presidential candidates have come out in support of Bitcoin. 

ETF products are launching in jurisdictions around the world.

Bitcoin continues to be used and developed by freedom fighters and activists in their work across the globe. 

The mining industry is integrating with the energy sector in ever more inventive ways, mitigating methane emissions, monetizing stranded energy and acting as a buyer of first and last resort for renewable energy projects. 

And yet the UK’s political hopefuls are silent on it.


With Parliament dissolved, we have no MPs representing us. But we do have candidates who want our votes. If you want to let them know of your views on this subject, please do give a few minutes of your time as suggested below.

Step1: Go to “Who Can I Vote For ” and enter your postcode. You’ll find a list of all your possible candidates, together with their email addresses and other contact details. 

Step 2: Copy our template letter below (or adapt it as you see fit) and send it to each of your candidates. 

The UK is being left behind in the global race for Bitcoin adoption, and we need YOUR help to change this.

Never underestimate the power of a small number of determined people to change the world.



As a voter in your constituency, I am writing to you to highlight the importance of Bitcoin and to urge you to adopt a positive and sensible policy towards this technology during your campaign and beyond.

There is a growing community of single-issue voters who are keenly watching for a party to take a positive stance on Bitcoin. By adopting a forward-thinking approach, you can demonstrate a commitment to innovation, economic growth, and financial inclusion. This will not only benefit our constituency but also strengthen the UK's position in the global economy.

Bitcoin represents a significant advancement with the potential to revolutionise more than just the financial system. As the United Kingdom faces economic uncertainties and seeks to solidify its position as a global financial hub, embracing Bitcoin can offer substantial benefits:

1. Economic Growth and Innovation: Bitcoin is driving a new wave of innovation in the financial sector. Supporting this industry can attract start-ups, create jobs, and foster a thriving ecosystem that positions the UK at the forefront of financial technology.

2. Financial Inclusion: Bitcoin offers financial services to the unbanked and underbanked populations. By promoting policies that encourage the use and understanding of Bitcoin, we can empower individuals who are currently excluded from traditional banking systems.

3. Positive Impact on Green Energy: Bitcoin mining has the potential to drive investment in renewable energy sources. As miners seek cost-effective energy solutions, they increasingly turn to renewable energy, contributing to the green energy sector's growth. This aligns with the UK's commitment to sustainability and reducing carbon emissions.

4. Regulatory Leadership: The UK has the opportunity to set a global standard for Bitcoin regulation. Sensible, well-balanced policies can protect consumers, prevent illicit activities, and foster innovation. This balanced approach can ensure the UK remains a competitive and attractive environment for Bitcoin businesses.

Bitcoin policies are gaining traction globally. In the United States, several presidential candidates are actively campaigning with positive Bitcoin policies, recognizing its potential for economic growth and innovation. In the EU, MiCA looks set to become the flagship piece of global regulation in the space. This international trend underscores the crucial importance of the UK adopting a forward-thinking stance to remain competitive on the global stage, and not to be left behind.

I hope you will consider these points and take a proactive approach to Bitcoin policy. Your leadership in this area can make a significant difference for the future of our nation.

Thank you for your attention to this important matter. I look forward to seeing your stance on this issue and am happy to engage further to discuss any of the points above.

Yours sincerely,


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