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Bitcoin Policy UK Appoints Bill Aronson as New CEO

LONDON, September 11th

Bitcoin Policy UK (BPUK Limited) is delighted to announce the appointment of Bill Aronson as its new Chief Executive Officer (CEO). Bill brings a wealth of experience from his tenure as Chief Operating Officer of a UK-based startup specialising in IoT security. With an extensive background in artificial intelligence, he has penned eight significant books on business transformation.

Bitcoin Policy UK brings together the community, policy makers, environmentalists, businesses, energy producers and Bitcoiners to explore how we might utilise this groundbreaking technology to support UK households, businesses and our communities in a sustainable and innovative way.

As CEO, Bill's primary responsibilities will encompass providing strategic leadership and direction, serving as the main spokesperson, building influential relationships with key stakeholders, and driving initiatives that champion Bitcoin in the UK landscape. His appointment underscores Bitcoin Policy UK's commitment to pushing boundaries and promoting a forward-thinking approach to Bitcoin adoption in the UK.

Bill Aronson stated, “Karl Benz invented the first car in 1885. It had a tiller to steer. It wasn’t until 1899 that Packard invented the steering wheel. Nakomoto launched Bitcoin in 2009 and we are still grappling with the greatest change to the financial system in our lifetime. We will look back on 2023 as the tipping point, the year that mainstream adoption began in earnest.“

As we welcome him aboard, we are excited about the insights and strategic direction he brings. Our collaborative efforts will undeniably drive forward Bitcoin Policy UK’s mission in promoting Bitcoin education and ensuring its sustainable growth within the UK.


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